Maria Alejandra Quintanilla

Working with Maria is one of the best and most emotional experiences in my career as a sound engineer. Her voice is full of emotion, soul and beauty, and it's hard not to get emotional while working on one of her tracks. Maria is a unique talent and she always, always delivers! - Jose Diogo Neves

Renato Diz | Maria Alejandra Quintanilla

"Every song Renato and Maria perform is a journey, an intoxication of sound garnished with spontaneity that transcends style and instrument limitations. The line between singing, playing, interpreting and creating, vanishes completely when this duo occupies the stage with their magnetic presence!"

Pedro Marnoto Pereira, Film Director


Renato Diz | Maria Alejandra Quintanilla is one of the most promising and exciting acts in the International music scene today. 

Based in New York City, this power duo is a constant source of surprise with each new performance being a radically different event from the previous.

Highly accomplished artists in their individual careers, Renato Diz (Portugal) and Maria Alejandra Quintanilla (Peru/USA) are immune to style or instrumental limitations making every composition, arrangement and improvisation a profoundly innovative experience while maintaining the deepest respect to its core traditions.

In 2014, Renato saw a video of Maria interpreting “Days Of Wine And Roses” on Jam Of The Week, a social media group that has more than 55,000 musician members from across the globe. Deeply impressed by her incredible voice and musical choices, he immediately contacted her to propose a cyber collaboration (Maria lived in Los Angeles and Renato in New York). Their first 2 arrangements were hailed with several thousand views on the web and that summer, Renato flew to LA for their first California tour.

In the beginning of 2015, after almost a year of cross country collaboration, they recorded their debut album entitled Distance Chemistry in Los Angeles. This was a live recording comprised entirely of improvised genre defying arrangements of timeless classics, with no cuts, edits or separation. That summer, Maria relocated to New York City where she and Renato had a sold-out album release show at the prestigious Rockwood Music Hall. Inspired by their unique musical approach, prominent movie director Pedro Marnoto invited them to create a short movie based on their original composition “Conversation II”. Since its release on W&J Productions, “Distance Chemistry” has sold more than a 1000 hard copies worldwide.

During 2016, the power duo joined creative forces with Taiwanese multi-percussionist Sayun Chang. Together they composed several works that tell the compelling stories of Taiwanese tribes and traditions, which culminated on a unique recording called Breathing Taiwan (W&J Productions). The work contained in this album is unparalleled in its compositional, improvisational and production approach, and it has been considered one of the most inspired Taiwanese musical efforts of the last few decades. 

In the past year, Renato Diz | Maria Alejandra Quintanilla was commissioned by ARTE Institute and the Embassy of Portugal, to create a special work to honor the 1150 years of Portugal’s formation. “Portugal: Sonic Paths & Possibilities” featured original compositions and arrangements that explored Portugal’s deepest origins and its inevitable influence throughout Africa and South America. It showcased these two incredible artists not only on their primordial instruments, but also on flute, percussion, spoken word and extended techniques. After a very successful premier at the legendary Joe’s Pub (Adele, Ray Charles, Leonard Cohen, Amy Winehouse, John Mayer, Alicia Keys, etc.) they were invited to present this work at The Festival Portugal International de Montreal in Canada, with an average attendance of 20,000 people.

Since its beginning, Renato Diz | Maria Alejandra Quintanilla have been relentlessly performing in North America and Europe and collaborating with cross-disciplinary artists of different backgrounds. 

They are currently creating original music for their new upcoming album.

Renato Diz - Piano & Extended Techniques
Maria Alejandra Quintanilla - Voice

Recorded by José Diogo Neves in January 2015 at Daniel Lee Concert Hall, Los Angeles, CA.

Photography - Sammy Yonjai Sohn 
Cover Design - Marta Soutinho & Nelson Luís.

Mixed & Mastered by José Diogo Neves in Tallinn, Estonia.

© 2016 W&J Productions. All rights reserved. 

"Stunning... Piercing... Enchanting!!!"

Randee Mia, Huffington Post


“Truly original and emotionally pure!”

Slava Malkin, DJ & Entrepeneur


“The duo of Renato and Maria is one of a kind. What I heard/saw on stage was two human beings interacting, offering a vast palette of human emotions and sensations - from playful joy to menacing anger; from sensuality to conflict. The stylistic palette is consequently ample, too. But talking about technique would be superfluous. When the emotion is so overwhelming, all you want to do is open your ears, eyes and mouth - asking for more!”

Louis de Mieulle, Bassist, Composer & Producer